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Your Own Mobile Ordering App

Increase your sales, reduce commission to food portals & boost loyalty with your own custom Mobile Ordering App.

More Sales

Keep Your Profits

100% Your Brand

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Easy to use

Designed from the ground up to be easy for you and your customers to use. Once your app is made, your customers place orders with their phone and you are notified of the order within seconds.

What Your Own App Means For Your Business

More Orders

Customers prefer to order from brands that offer the convenience of mobile ordering. Mobile orders now account for over 75% of all online orders. Give your customers this gift and they will reward you with increased custom.

According to Just Eat, 80% of their customers order from the same shop each week, why pay more commission for each order?

Pay Less Commission

If already use a Food Portal such as Just Eat, you can thousands by getting your own app. Food Portals can charge up to 30% and more. That adds up to a lot everytime the same customer re-orders from you. Instead getting your regular and new customers to use your own app will provide you with upto 90% savings in commission payments.

Calculate Your Savings

Move the slider to see how much you will save compared to using a Food Portal such as Just Eat or Deliveroo

Sales Per Month


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per year
"Our data shows businesses that use our app increase sales by up to 30%"

A Better Customer Experience

Our mobile apps offer an instant, overnight improvement to your Customer Experience. One minute your customers are standing in a queue, the next they are ordering from home or from a table and telling their friends just how easy it all is.

"Did you know 85% of customers choose brands that offer a mobile ordering experience?"

Increased Loyalty

Customers expect a loyalty system. Your app comes with the option of offering your customers our unique loyalty system. If turned on customers will receive points for each purchase and earn achievements for completing specific actions such as being the first order of the day.

The result, higher orders values and stronger re-buy from your customers.

Efficient, Happier Staff

A typical till order takes between 20 secs and 50 secs on average to complete, requiring a member of your staff.

Why spend your profits on staff doing this activity, when customers can order and pay via an app? Instead focus your staff on value add activities like preparing orders, spending time taking more to customers and other value add activities.

"Our loyalty system has helped our customers generate 4X the revenue since it was turned on"

Multiple Collection Methods

Give your customers the choice of collecting food in ways that are convenient to them.

From offering Delivery at much lower rates, to letting customers ordered direct to their tables, ordering for takeaway and even sitin.

"Do you use a Food Portal for deliveries? Consider using our app for your existing and new customers and save up to 30% on commissions"

Gain insight into your customers

Turn data into a business asset. Find out what your customers really want with our rich data and reports. Discover who your biggest spending customers are, what they buy, when your busy periods are even customers that haven't used you for a while. Use this information to create an even better service and experience for your customers.
"One of our customers quadrupled their revenue overnight just by using our discount system"

Never miss an order

When customers place orders, the order appears on our ORDRStation app. From here your staff can serve the order, print it (it can be auto printed too), mark it as complete, manage waiting times and more.

How It Works - We Keep Things Simple

Once we make your app, customers download it like they would any other app and place orders. Orders then appear on the ORDR Station App, there is a Sound to alert you of a new order and it's also sent to printers in the Bar and Kitchen (or wherever you want your printers setup).

Orders coming in to fast? No problem change the "waiting time".

Easy to use and you are always in control

A selection of who we are helping

We're already helping a number of business benefit from mobile ordering. All our clients have seen their businesses grow since using our system.


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