With ORDRWare you get the full treatment, your own ordering app, website, loyalty system and more allowing you to market direct to your customers and take orders without paying commission to food portals.

A new way to get orders

Over 40 million people in the UK own a Smartphone. Mobile ordering let's you easily accept an order from all of them

  • Reach new customers
  • Works with food portals for added effect
  • Increase order sizes
  • Increase customer re-order rates

Our customers have increased sales by up to 30%

It's Your Brand, Your App

The difference is this is your app, exclusive to you. Your Menu, Your Logo, Your Brand.

  • Your app means you don't pay commission to food portals
  • Your app means you are in control
  • Your app means your brand in the pocket of the customer

The ultimate in customer convenience

With in-app payment options and being able to order at your own pace it's no wonder 80% of customers prefer to order from brands that have a Mobile App

  • Customers can order with just a few taps
  • Order wherever and whenever
  • Frictionless payment
  • Customers earn points

There has never been a better time to start taking orders via your own Exclusive App.

Reduce what you pay to Food Portals

Why pay 15-25% commission on every order from each customer when you can pay so much less?

  • Reduce the high cost of exclusively using food portals
  • Migrate new customers to your own app and only Pay food portal commissions on the 1st order
  • Stop customers being tempted to use the competition, with your app, they only see you

Build Customer Loyalty

Customers want loyalty, but managing the typical paper based stamp cards can get difficult. Save the paper and your time with our built in points based loyalty system

  • Customers can earn points with each order
  • No need for paper based stamp cards
  • Generates 4X more revenue

Remove the paper and use our built in Loyalty System that gives customers points on everything they buy. Proven to improve revenue.

Know your customers

When customers buy from your till, all you know is an item was sold at a particular time. With Mobile Ordering you get to know what each of your customers are buying, when and how. Use this information to better decide what to sell and even who to reward

  • Detailed Sales reports
  • Know who your best customers are
  • Use the data to improve your business

Improve efficiency

With the minimum wage rising it's paramount you utilise staff as efficiently as possible

  • Save 40% staff time at the till
  • Reduce waiter trips to the table by 50%
  • Reduce error rates with phone orders

Our points based loyalty system is fully auto-mated.

What do you get

We give you everything you need to get going

  • Apple & Android Apps
  • Loyalty System
  • Online Account Management
  • Order Notification App
  • Support

What Our Customers Say

"These guys have a great hands on approach. Would highly recommend."

Nat MacDonald

"Very happy with the service, it improves sales & saves time. Recommended."

Paul T

"We received more sales and would definitely recommend them to others."

Andrew Theophanos

How It Works - We Keep Things Simple

Once we make your app, customers download it like they would any other app and place orders. Orders then appear on the ORDR Station App, there is a Sound to alert you of a new order and it's also sent to printers in the Bar and Kitchen (or wherever you want your printers setup).

Orders coming in to fast? No problem change the "waiting time".

Easy to use and you are always in control

A selection of who we are helping

We're already helping a number of business benefit from mobile ordering. All our clients have seen their businesses grow since using our system.


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