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Break your business out of the confines of your walls. Start selling everywhere via your own Online Mobile Ordering System (inc own App).

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Mobile Ordering For Small & Medium Businesses

Designed from the ground up to be easy for you and your customers to use. Pay 0% Sales Commission and get Personalised support.
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What Mobile Ordering Means For Your Business

More Orders

85% of customers prefer to from businesses that offer mobile ordering apps. Getting one means you are making it easier than ever for customers to place orders with you. The results are clear, more orders and higher order values.
"Our data shows businesses that use our app increase sales by up to 30%"

A Better Customer Experience

A great Customer Experience is one of the biggest factors for your success. Our mobile apps offers an instant improvement to your Customer Experience. We make it fast, simple and easy for your customers to order and pay from you, using the convenience of their own phone. The app itself is designed to make ordering easy and simple, leaving your customers with a very positive experience.
"Did you know 85% of customers choose brands that offer a mobile ordering experience?"

Increased Loyalty

It's important to have loyal customers.

Our system creates loyal customers through our scientifically proven Gamification Techniques. Similar to the "coffee stamp card" we take that to the next level with our points based loyalty system. It is designed to drive customers to re-order by issuing them points every time they use the app, which they can re-deem on their next order.

With the system turned on, we are seeing more customers, higher orders values and much stronger return rates.

Efficient, Happier Staff

A typical till order takes up to 2 minutes for a member of your staff to take the order and process the payment. This is a highly repetitive task

Why spend your profits on staff doing this activity, when customers can order and pay via an app? Instead focus your staff on value add activities like preparing orders, building customer relationships and other value add tasks?

"Our loyalty system has helped our customers generate 4X the revenue since it was turned on"

Multiple Collection Methods

Give your customers the choice of collecting food in ways that are convenient to them.

Choose any or all of
  • 1.Takeaway Ordering
  • 2.Table Ordering
  • 3.Delivery Ordering
"Do you use a Food Portal for deliveries? Consider using our app for your existing and new customers and save up to 30% on commissions"
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Real Time Promotions

Today's competitive landscape means you need the tools to run promotions easily. In fact promotions are so powerful, some of your customers see upto 5x revenue during promotion periods. Use our system to create discounts and promotions easily and have them available for your customers immediately.
"One of our customers quadrupled their revenue overnight just by using our discount system"

Gain insight into your customers

Turn data into a business asset. Find out what your customers really want with our rich data and reports. Discover who your biggest spending customers are, what they buy, when your busy periods are even customers that haven't used you for a while. Use this information to create an even better service and experience for your customers.
"We give you all the data so you can learn more about what your customers prefer and maximise your revenues"

Never miss an order

When customers place orders, the order appears on our ORDRStation app. From here your staff can serve the order, print it (it can be auto printed too), mark it as complete, manage waiting times and more.

How It Works

All we need is a copy of your menu, and we can make your app. We build it and provide you training so you know how to take orders with it.

Once complete your customers download and start placing orders. Orders appear on the ORDR Station app (and optionally printed to an ORDRWare Printer).

Don't worry it's really simple and we'll help you at every step of the way!

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A selection of who we are helping

We're already helping a number of business benefit from mobile ordering. All our clients have seen their businesses grow since using our system.


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