ORDRWare is a fully customisable mobile ordering system that lets your customers order and pay using their own smartphones.

Mobile Apps

Your own branded Apple and Android ordering apps

Order Management

You get a FREE app to view and control your own order flow

Admin Dashboard

Update your menu and manage your app 24/7 through any device

Sales Insights

Find out what and when you are selling and who your best customers are

Our Support All The Way

We don't just give you an app and leave you to it. We'll help you at every step of the way, from making your app to getting you fully up and running. We offer tips, advice, best practice and more to ease you into the world of online orders. We're available for you 24/7 to answer and resolve any questions or issues you may have.

Over 1000 Happy Users

and growing each week


Getting a mobile ordering app is proven to deliver benefits from more revenue, more customers and better service efficiency. Contact us today to find out what benefits you will get

More Revenue

Improved Customer Experience

Greater Service Efficiency

Build Your Brand

Features designed to get you more orders

Businesses that use mobile apps to let their customers order from them see extra revenues of up to 30% or more.

Apple and Android Apps let you accept orders from your customers smartphones
It will be your app with your brand, fully customised to your business
The app is designed from the ground up to make it easy for anyone to place an order with you
Sales and product reports so you can make better decisions about your business
Drive customers to buy more with a our built in points based loyalty system
Never miss an order with our easy to use order fulfilment system
Get paid before you get the order
Comes with a free menu editor so you can edit your app, the menu and settings

Popular Ways To Use Your Mobile Ordering App

Our app lets you offer 3 new ways for customers to order from you, each a great way to generate more revenue and reduce costs.

1. Accept Click & Collect Orders

Let customers order wherever they are so they can collect later, lowers queues and increases convenience.

2. Accept Orders From The Table

Let customers order direct from the table - results in more orders and faster service.

3. Setup A Delivery Service

Save money from using the food portals and setup your own delivery service with our app. Research shows 80% of customers would come to you anyway.

A selection of who we are helping

We're already helping a number of business get up and running with mobile ordering. Ask us and we'll put you in touch with someone already using one of our apps, find out from them how well it could work for you.


Outstanding own brew coffee from the masters of coffee

Bread & Butties

Fresh, tasty sandwiches made to order each day

Aroma Coffee House

Great food and great coffee

B'Spoke Coffee

Authentic coffee on your morning commute


Simply get in touch and we'll make your app from just a copy of your menu!


From just a copy of your menu we will custom make your app and provide you with personalised onboarding so you know how to use it.

Get Orders

We've developed a proven method to launching your app that gets your regulars using it and attracts new customers to.


Orders are sent straight through to the Order Station (shown) and Printer so you and your team can serve with ease. Resulting in more profits for you.


Self Starter


Per month per station

£99 Setup

You enter the menu, we'll build the app, you manage your menu

Designed App


Per month per station

£499 Setup

We'll enter the menu, we'll build the app, you manage your menu

Managed App


Per month per station

£499 Setup

We'll enter the menu, we'll build the app, we'll also manage your menu

Included across all pricing plans

  • What you get
  • Fully Featured Apple & Android Apps
  • Advanced Loyalty System
  • Make Your Own Menu Edits
  • Upload Own Item Photos
  • Payment Processing (fees apply)
  • Stock Management
  • Order Fulfilment Station
  • Sales Reports
  • Free Feature Updates
  • 24/7 Support
  • Extras
  • Printer Upgrade
  • Order Viewing Tablet
  • Extra Locations / Stations

Powerful Technology

Our apps are built on the most advanced, powerful and robust technologies available. Your business is in safe hands with our tech. Here are some of our technology suppliers.


Our servers are powered by Googles cloud infrastructure. Serious power on hand for your business


Our mobile app software is powered by software invented and supported by the worlds largest social network

Apple and Android

Your apps will be available to download on Apple's and Android's stores