What ORDRWare lets you do

Fully customised to you, your app will let your customers place orders directly with you. Get paid instantly when the customer places the order, see sales reports and keep your business running smoothly with our powerful order fulfillment system.

Offer Mobile Ordering Convenience

Did you know Customers who order using an App will typically order more? Customers will also choose brands that offer mobile ordering convenience.

Accept orders for delivery

Why pay up to 30% Commission to accept delivery orders from the likes of Just-Eat, when you can let your own customers order for delivery directly from you?

Provide A Points Based Loyalty System

Our points based loyalty system outperforms typical stamp card systems and will see customers come back to you more than ever before.

Allow customers to order from the table

Let customers order from the table and as well as seeing more revenue, your "waiting staff" will require 50% fewer trips to the table.

Why Us

Our process to get you an app is super simple and super easy. We'll do all the work to make your app and launch it for you. Book Free Demo and one of our app specialists will be in touch to explain how it all works. Don't forget to ask them how you can get started for FREE.

0% Commission

100% Branded To You

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✔ More revenue
Average orders sizes increase when customers order through an app
✔ Get more repeat business
Our built in points based loyalty and discount system, drives customers to come back
✔ Your customers want it
Customers prefer businesses that have mobile ordering apps.
✔ Reduce business costs
Serve customers upto 80% faster
✔ A great customer experience
Mobile ordering offers a transformational experience your customers will love
✔ Customers Earn Points
Customers can earn loyalty points as they buy. Our loyalty scheme is proven to drive sales.
✔ Choice of collection
Customers can choose from in-store collection, delivery and even table service, super convenient!
✔ No queuing
Who likes queues. Mobile ordering apps cut queues.

A selection of who we are helping

We're already helping a number of business get up and running with mobile ordering. Ask us and we'll put you in touch with someone already using one of our apps, find out from them how well it could work for you.


Outstanding own brew coffee from the masters of coffee.

Bread & Butties

Fresh, tasty sandwiches made to order each day

Aroma Coffee House

Great food and great coffee

B'Spoke Coffee

Authentic coffee on your morning comute

See it in action


Take advantage of our 100% Risk Free Offer.

We'll get you started for FREE you only upgrade to the paid plan when you've made enough orders

Free for the 1st 100 ORDERS, Then.

£59 / Month

100% Peace of mind - only start to pay once the app is already making you orders

  • Apple & Android App**
  • Free Training
  • Menu design & upload
  • Accept Mobile Orders
  • Points based loyalty system
  • Receive Order Notification***
  • Instant Payment Processing
  • Marketing tips & Training
  • Free Menu Edits
  • Sales Reports
  • Full Branding
  • *Ask for additional stores
    ** May require Apple Developer Account
    *** Ask if require Printer



What is the average ROI your customers have seen?


Our data shows the average ROI is 150X, within 4 weeks


How do we receive our payments?


When customers order, the money goes straight into your account


What's different about you that going on Just Eat or Uber Eats?


We don't charge commission and your not on an app with all your competition in it. It's your app.


What if we get no orders?


We won't charge you for that month.

Powerful Technology

Our apps are built on the most advanced, powerful and robust technologies available. Your business is in safe hands with our tech. Here are some of our technology suppliers.


Our servers are powered by Googles cloud infrastructure. Serious power on hand for your business


Our mobile app software is powered by software invented and supported by the worlds largest social network

Apple and Android

Your apps will be available to download on Apple's and Android's stores