About Us

ORDRWare was founded on the principle of helping small businesses with technology.

We believe small businesses are the bedrock of our economy. Many hard working people work countless hours running their small businesses.

We know from experience, our own backgrounds, our families, ran such small local businesses. We know about the hard work that goes into running a small business

We also know how difficult and time consuming it is to run such a business, so when it comes to the new world of digital and ordering websites and mobile apps shop owners need a little help. If you happen to be a Starbucks or Wetherspoons, it's easy. You have the budget to hire and develop your own technologies. But most of the people we know, their businesses didn't have the same budgets to spend to compete with big chains.

That is the core reason why we founded ORDRWare. To give small business a chance in today's complex world.

We want to let small business owners focus on what they are great at down, we want to help by making advanced technologies such as on-line ordering websites, mobile apps and loyalty systems affordable and easy to use.

Our mission is simple, it's to help you compete. ORDRWare is our vision on how to do that.

Our Story

ORDRWare was founded of the back of a group of individuals - the "Founders" who each have the same background. We are all the products, in our lives, of familys who worked hard, supporting small family businesses to give us a start in life.

As we grew up we each went into careers - "Our Training". Our Careers give us the skills we needed to create ORDRWare. Some of us spent time working with the worlds largest Technology Companies, others working within the Food Sector, together we all brought our skills togehter, Food and Techology to create Ordrware

Our Promise

In founded ORDRWare the Founders created their "Founding Manifesto" - 3 rules that will guide ORDRWare as we all want to do the right thing for the Food and Drink industry.

- To always support small and medium businesses. We are on your side and everything we do is about growing your business

- To be a great place to work, to respect others and build a culture of support and personal growth

- To offer the best features possible for the lowest possible price, our aim is to help not profiteer