Nobody gives you more features

Full of all the features you need, we've got you covered.

Everything you need to succeed

Mobile Apps

Let customers order for Takeaway , Delivery & Table Service. All from the comfort of your app.


Offer you customers a loyalty system that give them points with every purchase. Proven to increase order size and re-order rates.

Waiter App

Offer table service? Use this app to allow your waiters to take orders from the table

Order Display

Use our FREE order display software to see your orders and manage your order workflow

Customer App Features

Our system is designed from the ground up to be easy to use. Easy to use means your customers can use it, easy to use means you can use it. In fact it's that easy you don't need to do anything other than serve customer. There is nothing to manage, nothing to do, once setup just serve your customers.

Your Brand

Unlike being on a Food Portal where you are putting someone elses brand infront of your customer and you share your listing with all your competitors, your Mobile Ordering App will be customised to your brand and exclusive to you. Our mission is to put you first with your customer.

Intuitive Menu Ordering

Your Mobile App will be designed from the ground up to make ordering as easy and convenient as possible. A fast and easy menu ordering process is at the core of a great customer experience. Your apps will let your customers order any item from your menu in just a few taps.

Multiple Delivery Options

Our system allows you to choose from 3 ways of letting your customers collect their food. Choose from:
Delivery Service
Offer a delivery service for your customers. Fast simple and no commissions compared to using the Food Portals
Table Service
The ultimate in convenience, let your customers order direct from the table with the table service option.
Simple but effective, cut down on queues and speed up efficiency by letting customers order and pay for collection

Manage Allergens

It is now a legal requirement to inform your customer of potential Allergens. Our system lets you easily and clearly display to the customer which products have which allergens

Setup Item Options

Each item in your menu can be setup with specific options to let the customer order exactly what they want. Want to ask the customer what size of coffee they want, syrups, or planning to sell a Curry and want to find out if they want Chilli or not? Easily configure the options for each item and give you customers exactly what they want.

Easy Payment

Let customers pay you directly through the app. Works with Apple Pay, Google Pay and All Credit Cards

Run Real Time Promotions

Today's competitive landscape means you need the tools to run promotions easily. In fact promotions are so powerful, some of your customers see upto 5x revenue during promotion periods. Use our system to create discounts and promotions easily and have them available for your customers immediately.

Built In Loyalty

The number one reason your customers will use your app is the loyalty system. Our data shows customers that turn the loyalty system on, benefit from up to 4X more orders than those that don't. Our loyalty system is fully automated - you don't need to do anything. The system A.I manages and handles the loyalty for each customer, issuing them Points, Achievements and Levels to drive repeat usage. The result is more app usage and more orders.

Points Based Loyalty System

Our app comes with an immersive points based system. If this system is turned on, every time your customers order they system issues them points based on the value of their order. Your customers can then redeem their points to buy more items from you. It's a great way to keep your customers coming back for more.


Working alongside the points based system your customers can earn achievements for doing things such as being the first order of the day or buying from you. Each time they perform an achievements the system rewards your customers with Points. Don't worry you can control which achievements are turned on and the amount of points they issue. We find just a few nominal points can have a huge effect.

Level Up System

A feature taken directly from the world of computer games, proven to work is the level up system. It's super simple, turned on, every 1000 points your customers earn, they level up and are given a "badge" within the app. It's very effective and a great way to drive long-term loyalty.

Order Display

ORDR Station App

Never miss an order via our Order Notification System - the ORDR Station. When customers place orders, the order appears on our ORDRStation app. From here your staff can serve the order, print it (it can be auto printed too), mark it as complete, manage waiting times and more.

Manage Waiting Times

Change the waiting times in real time using the order station, a very powerful tool to manage your order flow. New times are immediately available for customers to see when placing orders.

Order Splitting

Send orders to both the Bar and the Kitchen, split orders so only the drinks go to the Bar and Food goes to the kitchen. Setup exactly where and how you want each order to flow to.

Manage Customers

Quickly issue customers Refunds, points or simply look at a customer's order history. Complete and full control.

Control Order Taking Time

Control when your shop is open, even control which sections of your menu are available for different parts of the day!

The Power Of Data

Gain insight into your customers

Our system creates all the data and reports you need to analyse your customers. See what they are buying, when they buy and use that information to create an even better service for your customers

Our data lets you:

  • See what your customers are buying
  • See what each individual customer is buying - use this to personalise your service
  • See which products you are selling
  • See what time of the day you are busy and when you are not
  • And much much more...

The level of data we give you creates a new business asset for your business, one you can use to analyse and understand more than ever before about who your customers are and what they like