Mobile Ordering

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Ordering App

Today most customers use their phones to place orders from companies. Here is why they do it and why you need to offer your customers mobile ordering.

May 04, 2019 - 2 min read

1. Impatient Customers

Today’s customers expect convenience. They prefer to do businesses, with businesses that make their lives easy for them. Mobile ordering apps are the ultimate in ease. Customers can browse your menu and order from you from the comfort of their own pockets, rather than stand in a queue.

2. Cost of staff

Staff cost money. A mobile app means you can serve more customers with the same staff. For waiting staff, the mobile app cuts down 50% of the trips needed to a table, for counter staff it can reduce the average transaction time by 80%. Use the time to serve more customers or save your costs.

3. Compete with the big brands

Most big brands are using Mobile Apps. Starbucks, Weatherspoons, McDonalds are some examples. And customers LOVE their apps. What that means for you is greater reason for your customers to go elsewhere. A mobile app puts you on the same level playing field.

4. Customers want discounts!

Modern customers expect REWARDS. The right mobile app will come included with a great reward system. Points based systems where customers earn and redeem points with you are the best. Offering rewards schemes keeps customers coming back!

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