Getting Setup

Install Your ORDRStation

The ORDRStation App let's you receive orders from your customers. Follow this short guide to get setup.

December 12, 2019 - 2 min read

The ORDRStation App let’s you receive orders from your customers.

To install it you need to have either an Android Tablet (running Android 7+) or an Apple Ipad (running IOS 9+).

To download the App please click the appropriate link.

Install On iPad

Download ORDRWare Station on Apple

Install On Android Tablet

Download ORDRWare Station on Android

Logging In

Once downloaded, please login with your email (press Forgot Password) if it is your first time logging in.

Seeing Your Orders

When you first login press the “Start Station” button to enter the orders screen. You MUST leave your tablet in this screen to receive orders.

Select Station

Order Notification

As long as you are in the orders screen (shown below), the tablet will make a loud noise when a new order is received

Select Station

  1. This is the ORDER CODE to match with the Customer’s receipt
  2. Optional - Completes the order and removes it from the “pending” orders screen.
  3. Toggle which orders status you can see
  4. Customers user name - tap to see customer details
  5. Shows ASAP for Delivery, WFA (Wait For Arrival) or a “Pre order” time
  6. Change waiting times

Managing Orders

The settings screen allows you to configure each order station

Select Station

  1. Station Selector. Press to change stations
  2. The name of your shop
  3. The Menu Categories sent to the station. Configure these as required.
  4. The currently selected station.
  5. Minutes before an order will turn “Red”.
  6. Add a new Station

If you have any other questions or would like some help, please do not hesitate to call us.