Pro Tips To Marketing Your App

This short guide gives you the PRO TIPS to marketing and promoting your new app.

December 14, 2019 - 3 min read

Your App is a powerful sales tool. To maximise it’s sales potential here are the top PRO TIPS that will get customers using your app.

Print Flyers And Give To Your Food Portal and InStore Customers

We will have sent you some Flyers you can use, or print your own.

  1. Put these flyers into the Delivery Bags of all your Just Eat / Deliveroo / Uber Eats customers.
  2. Give all new customers in store a flyer.

Tell Your Customers

There is no better marketing than directly telling your customers. Get your staff to tell your customers about your new app!

  1. Simply tell them to download by going to the Landing Page we provided you with. This will be of the format ””, easy.
  2. Tell them about a First Time discount they can use. We will set this up for you.
  3. Tell them they earn loyalty points with each order. This is important as the loyalty system is a key reason for why customers will use the app.
  4. If you have added Download Buttons to your own website, then you can tell customers to go to that instead.

Leaflet Your Area

Contact your local leaflet company and arrange to send leaflets to customers within at least a 1 mile radius of your store.

Add Download Links To Your Website

Add a link on your website that points to the App Download Link we gave you.

Example of Download App Button

Add a Download App Button On Facebook

Log into your Facebook Page and you can Add a button. Select the button option to “Download Your App” and add in the Download Link to your app.

Add Download App Link To Facebook

On Instragram add the Download Link to your bio.

Add Download App Link To Instagram

Go to your instrgram page, tap Edit Profile add the URL to the lading Page . Tap Done (iPhone) or (TICK) on (Android).

On Twitter add the Download Link to your profile.

Add Download App Link To Twitter

Go to your twitter page, goto Profile then click Edit Profile then add the Landing Page Link.

Use the QR Code

We have provided you with a QR code. These are a powerful visual that inform customers you have an app. Print these of in sqaure format and leave them on tables.

Issue new Discount Codes and Post on Social Media

To create new discount codes simply log into the dashboard and goto Admin -> Discounts or email us and we will do it for you.

Whole App Price Reductions

It sounds counter intuitive, but reducing all your prices within the App for a period of time e.g a Month can be a very powerful marketing tool.

If you have any other questions or would like some help, please do not hesitate to call us.