Your Online Delivery Options

This short guide explains the steps you should take as a Restaurant during the crisis

March 30, 2030 - 4 min read

Online Delivery, Now!

The world is in crisis right now, but that does not mean your business needs to be in crisis as well. Yes customers can’t get to you, but that isn’t the end of the matter.

As a restaurateur, right now you have two options, either close or start taking delivery orders

Many restaurants right now, even Find Dining Restaurants are launching themselves through delivery, but with slight tweaks to their menus, making the food their kitchens can produce more suitable to a home dining experience.

So your still here, you’ve decided you don’t want to shut up shop. Great. Let’s stay positive. Right now means Delivery. When it comes to delivery you have a few things to decide upon.

  1. List with a food portal
  2. Get your own delivery service via a branded online app

Option 1 – List with a food portal

Food portals like Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats are certainly an option right now. They offer to list your business on their platforms with the promise that your customers can order from you. Whilst this is true, it belies two critical facts.

  1. High Fees After introductory fees, you will pay a large proportion of your revenue for this service, between 15% – 35%. You will STILL have to market your business, even within the Food portal platform to be listed anywhere near the top of a search, this can cost hundreds of additional pounds.
  2. Loss of customer access. You will not get access to your customer data, which means if you ever chose to leave the food portal, you will not have access to all your critical customer emails, to tell them where you have gone. Rather the Food Portal will send your customers a voucher pointing them in the direction of your nearest competitor. However we certainly don’t discount joining a Food Portal, in fact when combined with Option 3, it can work wonders on your business. Option 3 - Get your own Online Delivery App + Website

Option 2 – Get your own delivery service via a branded online app

It is now possible to launch your own, fully branded, ordering App + Website. One that allows your customers to order directly from you. Companies such as Greggs, Weatherspoon’s, Starbucks and many more have recently launched their Own Brand delivery platforms, with remarkable success. And now, you as a business can do the same, without any setup cost.

The main benefits of doing this are

  1. You avoid the expensive fees and dependency of the Food Portals
  2. You get to build your own brand
  3. You get to offer a loyalty system to your customers. Food Portals to not support loyalty systems.
  4. Build your brand – its your Logo that will be on your customers phone, not the Logo of the Food Portal

In our experience it is best to combine both Options. The reason for this is that both options are separate sales channels. So just having one sales channel, means you are missing out on potential orders from the other sales channel

But by having both, it’s Win Win. The idea is simple, new customers place an order via the Food Portal, you migrate them to your own app by giving them a small discount. That meats you save paying the Food Portal future commission on orders and you get direct access to all your customer data.

By encouraging customers to use your own app, you are building your own brand even further.


Adapt by giving your customers a Delivery Service. Do this and your business in all likelihood won’t just survive, you will thrive.

We can help

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